Visit from Africa

Saturday the 21. of January 2017, Ninga Luc, who in March 2016 was elected to the Central African
Republic Parliament, came to visit HFA .

Luc informed about the conditions in his country and the future possibilities for the population. He told us
how the country has been looted by rebels, who are part of internal conflicts, which furthermore has
contributed to their poverty. Despite the country’s natural resources such as gold, oil and diamantes, the
population is not capable of taking advantage of these due to factors such as poor infrastructure and local

Luc showed us the pictures below. At some of the local schools, the conditions for the children’s’
education is very pour. The equipment of the schools varies greatly: lack of tables, blackboards, chairs, etc.,
meanwhile other schools even need a teacher.


Thus Luc confirmed that even a small amount can make a big difference for the childrens’ every day lives  in the schools in the Central African Republic among others.