Our vision

Heart for Africa (HFA, is a non profit humanitarian aid organization based on Christian ethical and moral values. It aims to support children, young people, and adults, regardless of religion or tribe, in the Central African Republic (CAR). HFA’s main objective is to provide access to education and information.

The population in CAR faces many challenges. Lack of political stability and almost constant unrest for many years, has rendered primary schools and basic education  almost notional. In the rural districts, schools and trained teachers almost barely exist. Many parents do not send their daughters to school and the majority only gets the opportunity of 4-7 years of education.

HFA wants to change this by establishing a Community Center and building it in the provincial capital, Bouar. Here the internet will be available for education. By making
the internet easily and reliably available, a general education in hygiene, basic health, and general information, along with volunteer professionals, is possible while reaching a wide group of all levels of the local population. The Community Center will also be a place where craftsman skills can be taught to enable ‘small scale industry’ and entrepreneurship, creating viable income and development in families, and the greater community.
It is the vision of HFA to educate local people to eventually run the center and continue our ideas and vision.
In connection to the latest coup in March 2013, yet another of many since the independence in 1961, shocking acts of violence, killings and rape were committed against the civilian population. Children have witnessed their parents being killed, women and girls being raped. More than 1 million people have been driven from their homes. They didn’t have much to begin with and with houses and fields burned, the hopes for survival and a future are pretty slim.

Seen in this perspective, there is a great need for rehabilitation!
We offer an “oasis” for children and women, to process their traumas. Trained therapists will help create programs for healing and donate their personal time for specific therapeutic rehabilitation. A committed staff will oversee the daily management. Volunteers have already announced their wish to come and support both professionally and developmentally. We welcome all, with or without language skills. A smile needs no translation!

However, our ambitious vision can only come true with economical support and generosity from you. Any financial gift matters, big or small, and the impact will ripple throughout the community, changing hopelessness into a future!