Det aktuelle fly til Bangui i Centralafrika

Central African Republic, CAR, is a landlocked state in Africa near Equator. During the colonial era, this area
was part of French Equatorial Africa named Oubangui-Chari. CAR became independent in 1960. It is one of
the least developed countries in Africa, sparsely populated and characterized by self-sufficiency. In 1976-
79, the country gained some international attention when Jean-Bedel Bokassa named CAR to the Central
African Empire with himself as an emperor. The country has only sparse relations with the outside world
beyond the continued close ties with the colonial empire of France.


The country is about 14 times the size of Denmark, with little more than 4 million inhabitants.
From the capital, Bangui and due west, leads the main route towards Cameroon. Part of this is paved, just
about 400 km. This is the only pavement in the country and is not in the best shape either!