Travel News 6, November 2018

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Dear friends

We have arrived in Bangui, where good internet connection is possible, and a bit of luxury. Here there is running water and food that we did not have to cook ourselves. It’s easy.

We had a good trip here, it took about 11 hours, the road is so bad at times that we drove 20 km / h. We did not meet any problems with police, just were waved through. Maybe because we have now put our logo on the car, so everyone can see who we are.

We are getting great respect for our project, that we have the heart for Africa and its people, gives us ample opportunity to tell what we want to accomplish and how we hope it can help. Several ministers have said that if there were more projects like ours, the country would be better able to develop and become self-sustainable. It’s great they can see the potential, we hope and pray that we can do the task. Without your help, we will not go far, so think about what you would like to help with if you were to take an alternative vacation to the Central African Republic some time in the near future!

A lot has happened. Most importantly, the bank is open again, we have paid where we owe money and life continues.

We have not heard more about our well in terms of water quality and if the well gives enough water. Now that we are in Bangui, we will have to go to their office. We have not paid the last half of the amount owed, as that can only happen when the samples are satisfactorily tested. We also have no water pump as that is in the container.

We have employed 4 guards. Until now, we have only had Pedro at night, but we hope the containers will soon come to Bouar, and since we are gone for several days, the timing was good. We have had a notice up looking for guards at the employment office, candidates need to provide their information and ID in order to be considered. We got quite a few applicants, even more people looking for work other than security. We have employed 4, all of which are known by one or more of the committee members. The others are told that unfortunately we did not work for them. We have also changed Pedro’s employment. He is no longer ‘guard’ but employed as a gardener / handy man. He is glad he will no longer need to be awake at night. He is good to have around the place, always willing and happy. 

We have had 2 meetings with the committee, one right after we arrived. We needed to update each other and hear if there was anything new. They told us how they had frequently visited the building site and how they had been available to responded when people had asked about us. It’s about 5 months since we were here last. They heard about the 5 containers on the way and what is in them. They suggested they come and help when the containers arrive, we do not have a fence around the compound and everyone could see the potential problem. We had trouble keeping curious children and adults away from those who drilled the well and they will also come when the trucks come with the containers. We can understand them but are also afraid that some will get hurt. The children especially. They are very small compared to the big wheels and they come so close. 

With both guards and committee members present, it should work out fine. Our Peruvian friends will also come and help with the unloading. We are also thankful for the road they have made for us. The committee members also came to assist with the process of selecting additional guards for employment. It’s so nice to have such a committed group taking so much responsibility.

Our internet in Bouar is really bad. Without our friend at the cybercafe we ​​have not had a connection at all. He has suggested that we get a better, more permanent connection. He has given us an address for a contact in Bangui who perhaps can help. We will look at it while we are here in Bangui. It’s probably expensive! Best regards from Bangui



The road before

A mango tree was removed to make space for the road




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Hanne · 18/11/2018 at 16:12

Hvor er det dejligt at I lyder betydeligt mere positive i dette brev, ligesom I har fået mange positive tilkendegivelser fra folkene i området. Det ‘luner’ altid.
Det bliver så spændende at høre, når containerne kommer. Har I en idé om, hvor de befinder sig nu? Og godt der er hjælpere, der melder sig. Det er jo noget af en sending.
Kære begge – tænker og beder for at alt må ske til bedste for det gode projekt.
Knus Hanne

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