Thorkild Houe Andersen

Thorkild Andersen, Board member

I worked for the Sudan Mission in Nigeria for 7 years, prior education and home stay included. My wife, Inge Marie, and I were colleagues with both Vera and Bent and Anne and Per for the main part of the years in Nigeria. Therefore, we are supportive of Heart for Africa, which from its very beginning has been a realistic dream because of the 22 years of expertise behind it. 

I am from 1943, I am married and I have 3 children. I am a farmer’s son from the western part of Jutland. I have been an agricultural worker, I am educated as a farmer and then later on also as an agronomist. Since my return from Africa my family and I have lived on the farm where I was born. Throughout 19 years I worked as a farmer and an agricultural teacher. Moreover, I worked as an consultant for a local farmers’ union, where my main area was IT. In 2009 I retired as 65 years old.